Bellydancing in Kimono

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My baby!

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Not my best kitsuke experience ever (there's no pic of my obi for a reason- I had to do a taiko musubi since I couldn't figure out any decent bows for fukuro obi) but I am proud of my low collar. I put a chukara nuno (sp?) on the juban which makes it sooooo easy to get a nice girly low neckline (that and a collar stiffiner). I also made my own han eri. I used Fraise's instructions for both on her webpage (Fraise you are a goddess!).
I love
love love love my furisode. Can you see the shibori accents on the black flowers?! The rinzu weave?!

Friday, December 23, 2005

My furisode is here!!!

I want to put her on now!!! I don't have a furisode juban so I might have to go all ghetto and use a regular juban. I also need to learn how to tie my fukuro obi!
It is gorgeous. There's gold embroidery, gold foil or resin, yuzen, and shibori. I am in love. It works with my obi and it even fits. How can this be??
**Runs off to grab kitsuke stuff**

Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm a horrible person.

I won a furisode off ebay (very reasonable I might add). Of course this means I'll need a furisode juban. At least I have a fukuro obi that should work (have to learn to tie that too). Spending money on kimono begets more money spending. Dammit.
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sewing Projects

I've made friends with my serger and my sewing machine. Right now I'm working on a baby blanket for my coworker's new grandson. I bought this lovely fleece fabric that is kinda patchworked (with a serger)together with blue, green, and yellow squares. I added batting between two layers and quilted the blanket and now I just have to serge the edges to finish it. I think it wil look pretty cute.
My mom is giving me three serger feet for Christmas so I can do fancy ruffles and those pretty lettuce leaf hems using a rolled hem and fishing line. Like this dress' hems:

I bought some lovely moderately heaving microsuede-ish fabric that has a lovely japanese inspired print on it (flowing water and flowers on a black background). It has a nice drape and I think I'll make a skirt out of it.
I also found a really pretty color blue of stretch velvet and I bought a ton of it (can't beat $1.50/yard...) so I can make another belly dance outfit (maybe even a dress). I want to pair it with silver fringe which I think I'll actually purchase this time instead of taking months to string it myself.

I have some action shots of myself in my new egyptian bedlah which I want to put up sometime soon. I'm hoping my uncle can perform his Photoshop magic on it and give the pictures a new background instead of a view of his daughter's play-room (hey, you dance where you can...).

And, my last silly thing is that I pre-ordered silver Isis wings from Akai Silks. They won't get here til January or February, but they were very reasonable and I know the quality is very good.