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Monday, October 31, 2005

A fangirl outburst....

It's been a while, but I had to share. I went to an anime con a few weeks ago (the days and weeks are flying by lately) and had the fantastic opportunity to see Final Fantasy Advent Children on a big (but not theater big) screen! Let me just say that I was rather entertained and enjoyed it immensely. The only problems I had were not recognizing all of the characters (I didn't play all the games) and the scene with Sephiroth was a little bit of a letdown because he never stood still enough for me to appreciate his hotness! The animation was superior- utterly fantastical. From what I've heard, the film was helped along with some very complex motion capture from a large cast of models (the credits listed a whole bunch of people whose sole job was providing that footage). The bodies and the movements were very realistic- so much so my little fangirl heart was racing, but more in a real human being kinda aesthetic rather than an anime way. With the absence of Sephiroth eye candy, I found Reno to be topping off the hotness scale with Vincent coming a close second. Ridiculous isn't it?
That film made me want to have the FF victory song on my cellphone even more horribly than I wanted it before!


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