Bellydancing in Kimono

Monday, September 26, 2005

Dance dress pics

These are some pictures that I'm considering using for my business cards. This dress was originally a prom dress, but I added the sequins and the beaded fringe and removed some of the lining to expose the stomach area. I also added new straps for better support. Which one would make the best business card? Opinions welcome.
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cool kimono accesories! w00t

I'm amazed. My package came already! What I thought were two datejime and a padding belt were actually one datejime, an obi ita that velcros shut, and a padding belt that looks to be washable and has removable pads. I am more than happy. I can't wait to try everything on. But, my first order of business is to take pictures for my business cards. I have to finish up my dance dress first so I'd best be off! I get to watch a documentary about regional japanese cuisine while sewing...
Also, I won a juban off of ebay last night. It's lined and a light pink, which might harmonize better with some of my other kimono.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kimono pics

I think it's probably not hitoe season anymore, but one last hurrah before Fall starts officially. This is my purple hitoe kimono and my tsuke obi. I need another obiage baaaad, but I like the rest of the ensemble. I like my collars :)
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Paypal disaster averted- I think...

I think everything is cleared up so hopefully I can get my datejime soon! They are the velcro stretchy kind and one even has padding so I don't have to make one out of a towel. I'm very excited. I'm hoping to take some belly dance pictures today for my business cards. I have a workshop and a hafla coming up next month and I want to be able to hand out business cards if there is an interest (maybe I can take on some beginner students ). If I have the energy, I also want to put on a kimono so I'm not tempted to buy another one online... It sucks. I'm trying to save up for a new pair of nice tabi, a book about kitsuke, another juban, and maybe another fukuro obi that would match better with my houmongi.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Paypal crap

I'm in the middle of paypal drama. I hope it gets resolved quick! Bleh! I just want my datejime...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fun at a hafla and other stuff

Hafla or hafli is the arabic word for party. I went to one last night downtown and had a pretty nice time. My parents came with me which was cool since I've always wanted them to see that there are other weirdos like me who love this dance (that and convincing my mom she could dance if she wanted to- some of the ladies are so old and so large but they pull it off and since mom is neither...). It was good my family came since it was not a well-attended event. But it was nice b/c there were some live musicians playing the dumbek, tabla, oud, mizmar, etc.
I dressed up in a cabaret fantasy sort of thing because I was worried my bedlah would be too dressy and it was a pretty good call because all the ladies were wearing ghwazhee type clothing or galabia, etc. More folkloric or tribal as you can see in these photos. Kudos to my dad for being the photographer.
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Me mugging for the camera. I shoulda taken off my glasses...
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Playing "follow the dancer" with Pacita.
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More playing around.
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Requisite action shot.
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And last, but not least, my lovely mom and sis.

Monday, September 05, 2005

A weekend with my relatives

I always get irritated when people chalk my dancing up to my syrian heritage (I'm only a 1/4 sryian, mind you). But over the weekend, I went and visited with my aunt who just moved near my grandmother (my sitou) and my great aunt (we call her GG) who are both full syrian 1st generation. I remember my grandmother talking about bellydancing when I was younger, but I think it was just a fad for her like it was for many women in the 70s. Since I started dancing, I had heard whispers from my grandmother and my great aunt about how they were never allowed to move anything below the waist (no hip movements, etc) when they danced with family and friends and that all they did was debke. What was amazing was when I came over this past weekend, my great aunt gave me a bunch of old tapes she had from a long time ago. When I looked at them I almost fell over: the tapes had handwritten jackets with "Port Said," "Sultan of Baghdad,"Najwa Fouad: Belly Dance," "Super Belly Dance!" and "Maya Yazbek"! The latter has the best version of "Ya habibi ya aini" I've ever heard that even ends in a drum solo. I told GG that these were classic albums and she said "Oh really?" It was hysterical. I made her listen to some of the music I had on my computer and although she never remembered the names for the songs, she would say "that's a very old song" or "that's familiar" (she said that about oum kalthoum). I actually did a full routine complete with costuming for my family before dinner. My grandmother and GG said my dancing was great and "really modern." It was so much fun. When I told them I was going to a hafla at the end of the month, GG got all excited. She said "A hafli?!" (apparently syrians say hafli too) Then she said the greatest thing I heard all day: "I went to a hafli when I was little. I saw a man eat glass!"

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Today was one of the crappiest days I've had in a while. It's better now, but I went on the job hunt today (one interview and to get an application from a bakery). The bakery job did not exist even though it was in the latest weekly newspaper- go figure.

Things went from bad to worse when I got to the interview. The lady sat me down and was immediately irritated at me and told me I had to fill out a desired salary. I said it was negotiable but she insisted saying that she had to find out my "specific needs", etc. (My resume says I'm planning on going back to grad school in the near future HINT HINT) Then she told me that I needed to fill out more of the application that I had left blank because I had appended a resume. Her dog barked really loudly at me. The lady shushed her dog and she resumed barking at me. She said my resume was too generic and said I had to fill out the form, which mostly included details about my starting and ending salaries, starting and ending dates of employment, and my reasons for leaving the job. It seemed so irrelevant since my last three jobs were two NSF-sponsored scientific interships with stipends and my graduate assistantship (the job I was applying for is in a cheese and wine shop, mind you) and I also didn't want to write that I left my last job because of sexual harrassment and verbal abuse. She told me we couldn't have a "meaningful" discussion until I filled out the form. Then, in a moment that sealed the deal for me, her dog BIT ME. It didn't break the skin or anything, but the damned thing BIT ME! I hadn't done anything but pet the dog and let it sit next to me. I don't even remember her saying sorry, but instead asking if it bit me (DUH!). She then asked the dog what was wrong with it and told it that she would take it outside. Then she pushed a clip board at me and told me to fill out the rest of the form outside the shop- she wouldn't even let me fill it out in her office. The entire interview occurred in the span of about three minutes. I ran outside with the clipboard, got into my car, flipped out, ran back and deposited the clipboard on the bench outside the shop and got back into my car and drove away. F*** that!

I cried on the way home- I just couldn't believe that someone could dish out so much crap in three minutes. Even if her dog hadn't bitten me, I would have been upset and probably not taken the job even if it were offered to me. I was completely stunned. My mom said the lady was a control freak and that I wouldn't have wanted her for a boss anyway. I think agree since she was gonna be damned if I didn't fill out that crap form. I would have never expected someone to prefer a hand-scrawled record of dates and salaries and addresses to a formal resume with essentially the same info (minus $- not her business :P). It didn't say anything about what kind of an employee I am or what I could add to her company. I'm still job-hunting, but hopefully I don't meet anymore crazies or be attacked by anymore hell-hounds...
Stick a fork in me... I'm done.