Bellydancing in Kimono

Sunday, August 28, 2005

No "Forum" for me...

I decided not to take the part they offered me in "Forum." I would have been a nameless courtesan (mind you there are 8 courtesans and only 2 lack names). I can't understand why they wouldn't want me in a name role with some solo dance time and I don't think I ever will. Yesterday I kept wondering why they even bothered to cast me in any role if my special skill as a bellydancer would not be utilized at all! I mean, the general public is mystified by the concept of a belly dancer and it would certainly add to the exotic atmosphere of the musical. I dunno. People are dumb sometimes. My parents tried to console me saying that the choreographer had probably promised roles to her students or something like that. I dunno. I don't care. On to greener pastures and better dancing. I have a workshop and a hafla in October so that will be a full month. Weeeee!

Friday, August 26, 2005

More photos!

This is another ebay conquest! This kimono came with 4 obis, but I like this obi best with the colors. I'm not sure if the kimono is synthetic or silk, but it is one of the few lined kimonos I own. I really love it...
Image hosted by
Yay for casual kimono!
Image hosted by
I found these shoes a few years ago at a DSW- they're not actually geta, they're a kinda foam shoe that looks like geta, but I think they're pretty cute.
I tried padding my waist again with some success (I have no chest now) and this is the first time I've ever used eri shin (collar stiffener)- I just cheated and slid in up underneath the white date eri. Maybe that's how you're supposed to do it, I have no idea (although I did read Fraise's page on how to sew it on with the date eri). But there was space to slide it up underneath the layer so I did! :P It makes the kimono look so much better! I'm still battling with my ohashori (Misuchi- I tried your trick, which helped a little, but I realized I'm tying the himo too low around my hips) and this kimono's collar did not have snaps on it but it was not pre-folded so I just folded it and prayed it stayed in place (haha...). Now I know why I was tying my ohashori too low- when I first learned kitsuke, it was when I was in a kyogen play as a male character. I didn't practice kitsuke for a long time after that play so when I did remember what I had learned, I think I was applying my male kitsuke skills. If I remember, you put the himo lower around the hips, especially under the belly (we had a portly actor who really needed it or the kimono wouldn't have stayed in place at all...) plus we were wearing hakama, which might have had something to do with it.
On a random note, I love when the actresses who come on Iron Chef wear kimono. I get all happy...
Anyway, my kitsuke today wasn't the neatest ever, but I just wanted to put on a kimono and feel pretty (a kimono hime hehe) after the insane day I had today.

I had two job interviews and I met with a prospective advisor at the University. One interview went very well and looks like a lot of fun if I get the job - it entails working at a really popular (read: busy) gourmet chocolate shop and also giving tours of the factory and lecturing about chocolate. The professor at the University seems like a great guy and he'd probably make a great advisor. He doesn't have room for a grad student now, but next year he'll probably have a spot, which is good because I can't apply for this year and they are moving their lab to another building in the spring which will be a major headache and not fun to work during...
It was also a crazy day because we had to fire a man who was supposed to do some tile work for us- he was drinking on the job yesterday and was really creepy. Our plumber who hired him took care of everything, but he did tell us that the tile guy wouldn't have been able to come in to work today anyway since he wrecked his truck last night (presumably in an alcohol-related accident that left him unhurt but his truck totalled). >_<

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum!

I auditioned for local theater show of "Forum" last night and I had a blast! I think I showed some people some decent dancing and maybe even exploded some heads with my solo. I hope I get a part- I think I will since I did pretty well on my vocal audition and my reading and the choreographer wanted to chat me up after I danced. Anyway, I'll know by Friday or Saturday if I am cast or not. So excited!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spam comment???

Has anyone ever gotten a spam comment? It sucks. I just deleted it. I hope more aren't in store...
Does anyone know how to keep it from happening?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

pictures! w00t!

I finally have some pictures of the white houmongi from Yamatoku! Weee! Pardon my mild disheveledness because it was another battle to get the obi to submit! It's looks ok in my opinion, but it's not my best work by any means hehe. I love this kimono! I think I need a slate grey obi (maybe a payne's grey) or something because the obi is a little too pink for pairing with the pretty cream and black ensemble. I need another obiage, too...
Image hosted by
I love the sleeve! It's just too cool. Thumbs up to whoever did the yuzen.
Image hosted by
My collar is not as low as it should be in the back and my ohashori is weird. I have this pokey part by my right hip that I couldn't get to lay flat even when I stuck my hands inside the kimono to pull the fold over the himo at my hips. I experimented with padding myself this time: I wrapped a hand towel around my middle (went from underbust to hips) and actually held it in place with an old tube top (so ghetto!). I think it worked out ok- the obi fit a little better and I don't look like a skinny tube with hips and a chest. I wish I had some ready-made padding with velcro or something because it was a pain. It was rough today- I sweated so much that I think I actually stained my juban despite airing it out after I finished taking pictures. I wore a shirt and a slip under the juban, but maybe I need a real hadajuban.
Mo' kimono, mo' problems...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I just spent an hour dressing up in full makeup and taking some pictures in my new bedlah I made and now I find out the files weren't pictures, they were videos! The damned camera was in video mode so the images are useless! That pisses me off because the thumbnails are pretty nice looking. Maybe I can get a single frame from the pictures to use instead, but that will involve editing...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still no pictures plus ramblings

I haven't had time to take or post pictures of my completed bedlah. Stuff has just been too crazy around here. The time I have had has been spent enjoying the korean historical drama called "Jewel in the Palace" or "The Great Jang-Geum " I've become addicted to. It's awesome because it is about the first and only female personal physician to the king of Korea who started out as a palace cook. The costumes are great and I enjoy the plot immensely, plus there's some nice eye candy (Sir Min is way hot and a sweet character).

I've been thinking a lot about school. I can't go back to school this semester since it's too late, but I'm planning on taking at least one course with continuing education (Japanese of course :P ). I'm still pretty mad about what happened when I started the phd program last year, but I read in a livejournal that belongs to someone I don't know who went to my college that they experienced a similar, miserable time. In an awful way, it was comforting to know that bad things happen to everyone and the whole giddiness I saw from everyone who initially gushed at how they loved their graduate program was not always a true indicator for the future.
I felt as though I had failed when I decided to leave my program after only one semester, but at least I know of another human being who went through the same thing (though perhaps they stayed the whole year). If in their leaving, I cannot find that they have failed, then I cannot really have failed either (if that logic makes any sense).
What makes me angry is that my confidence is so badly shaken (although not where kimono or bellydancing applies :P hehe ). But enough livejournal talk...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New costume!

I've finally finished the bedlah I've been working on for the past 4 months. No more fringe made of seed beads for me! I'm a bugle bead girl from now on!
I need to get some nice shots with make-up to post, so hopefully I can do that soon. I also need to try my new kimono and some obi and post those too.
I know.... the suspense is terrible....

I hope it will last....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm baaaaack....

Good to be here! I haven't had internet access for almost a week and it darn near killed me!
It's crazy....
The house is great, settling in is going very well. It was a good week for kimono, too. I received my houmongi and my casual kimono and multiple obi from the two ebay auctions. Let's just say I am good for a while. The obis are fantastic as is the casual kimono- everything is silk (or mostly) and so cute and funky. There are three hoso or hanhaba obi (including two reversible and one hakata) and a tsuke obi that is not sewn- I will have to learn how to tie one after all... The houmongi is gorgeous and a real treat- I will have to play dress up and post some more pictures when I have a chance.

Plus, I have to gloat- they picked my photo for the Yamatoku photo contest for yukata! I didn't actually win anything other than the pleasure of being on their homepage for a few days (waah! no free stuff) but it is awesome nonetheless. My kitsuke skills must be at least adequate to be permitted to grace the front page.

I've missed scouring ebay for fun stuff and pouring over the Gaijin Geisha forums.
It's good to be back...